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Okgye high-tech material · parts convergence and integration complex



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  1. Development Outline
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Development Overview

  • Location : Okgye-myeon, Gangneung
  • Area : 0.38㎢
  • Project Cost : 574 billion won
  • Main Functions
    • Ultra-lightweight parts and materials industry cluster such as silicon and titanium 
    • Large-scale parts convergence production facility and research facility: parts and materials, light-weight automobile parts, medical materials, light-weight medical devices
    • Foreigner-exclusive complex: foreign companies related with zirconium smelting and light-weight automobile parts

Investment Conditions

  • Abundance in ultra-lightweight parts such as silicon and titanium 
    • Rich in dolomite (ingredients for magnesium), lithium (secondary cell ingredients), silica stone (raw materials for smelting metallic silicon) 
    • Production of 8 rare metals among the 11 main strategic rare metals such as magnesium (silicon, lithium, titanium, rare earth, zirconium, etc.)
    • Optimal place for fostering nonferrous metal material industries in which resource cooperation with China, North Korea and Russia is possible 
  • Foster Korea’s largest nonferrous metal cluster: 2.2㎢ 
    • EFEZ (Okgye District), POCCO dynamic rolling product and lithium production complex
      → Attract relevant companies and foster new materials complex 
    • Procured nation’s largest anchor company related to nonferrous metals
      → Foster nonferrous metal complex, research complex, and production support facility complex  
          POSCO – lithium and other new materials
          Seowon – Establish titanium powder and additive manufacturing related industry
    • Procure nonferrous metal production and import/export port ⇒ Okyge Port
      → Can transform Okhye Port in the district into an exclusive port for nonferrous materials industry 
  • Drawing up plans to construct the ‘East Sear Region Energy/Resource Belt’ linked to North Korean resources of the new government 
    ※ Foster as Northeastern base for South-North Korean economic cooperation and energy/resource belt tied 
        with Russia