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Mangsang International Multifunctional Tour City

Best marine tourist attraction in the Pan-East Sea area that attracts over 100 million people every year

Foster into an all-season marine leisure / tourist attraction that combines Korea’s best beaches and tourism.

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  1. Development Outline
  2. Land Usage Plan

망상 개발개요 및 투자여건

Development Overview

  • Location : Mangsang-dong, Donghae
  • Area : 3.91㎢
  • Project Cost : 7,459 billion won
  • Main Functions
    • Form a global level multi-functional complex tourist city
    • A tourist hub as tourist industry city in northeast Asia
  • Development Plan
    • Mangsang Beach Tourism and Leisure Complex (Marine tourism and leisure complex, marine leisure sports center)

Investment Conditions

  • Form a tour, recreation and economic hub in the eastern bloc
    • Form a tour and trade hub at the transportation connection point such as Donghae Port, Yangyang International Airport, and KTX, etc.
    • Highlight the optimal location for tourism in northeast Asia to connect China, Japan, and Russia
  • Create the optimal condition for the formation of a sustainable tour city
    • Highlight 5km Mangsang Beach and clear and pleasant environment and climate
    • Form various tour facilities in connection with mountains in the back and the sea in the front
  • Highlight the clearest sea of Korea in Donghae and the clean and clear forests and air
    • Maintain the cool and fresh air in Summer and the excellent temperature at above zero degrees in Winter
    • Maintain the safest vintage place from micro-dusts
  • Idea for Improvement of South-North Korean Relationship and “Korean Peninsular New Economic Map’
    • Appealing investment district in the economic bloc in the north bloc as Free Economic Zone unique in Donghae coast
    • Appealing as trade exchange hub for South and North Korean trades with a long-term view