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  • Bukpyeong high-tech parts multifunctional industrial complex
  • Mangsang International Multifunctional Tour City
  • Okgye high-tech material · parts convergence and integration complex
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ICI Earth Bukpyeong on. The Earth will be reborn as an international composite industry.
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Bukpyeong high-tech parts multifunctional industrial complex

International Logistics and Business Oriented City Integrating Global Human Resources, Technologies and Capital

Focusing on the Donghae International Port, global logistics and business, advanced parts and materials industry, and ferroalloy industries will be fostered.

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북평 국제복합산업지구

Development Overview

  • Location : Bukpyeong-dong (Guho-dong, Danbong-dong) of Dongae
  • Area : 0.147㎢
  • Project Cost : 1,082 billion won
  • Main Functions
    • Pan-East Sea logistics and business hub
    • An international multifunctional complex and high-tech parts industry bloc
  • Development Plans
    • International business complex (EGTC-East Sea Global Trade Center)
    • Advanced parts industry complex (automobile parts, light-weight sports and leisure goods, robot parts and materials)
    • Ferroalloy complex (ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, ferronickel, metal silicon, etc)
    • Ferroalloy complex (ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, ferronickel, metal silicon, etc)

      ※ The East coast Free Economic Zone office scheduled to be located within the EGTC

Investment Conditions

  • Logistics and business center of the Pan-East Sea economic belt
    • Connect Donghae Port with Japan (Sakai Minato), Russia (Vladivostok), and China (3 provinces in northeast China)
    • Optimal location for hub port in the North Pole Route
    • Due to the increase of volume at Donghae Port, increased role as the central port of the East Sea (rate of increase: ‘10 25.3%, ‘11 11.5%)
  • Optimal location for foreign investments in the East Sea region
    • Excellent accessibility with countries bordering the East Sea (Donghae Port, Yangyang Airport)
    • Synergy effects with existing industrial facilities (Bukpyeong National Industrial Complex, East coast Free Economic Zone)
  • Center of advanced parts and materials industry that uses the region’s resources
    • Dongbu Metal produced ferromanganese for the first time (Dongbuk High Tech, 1964)in the nation and since then it has topped its market share in the global market (2nd in the world for ferromanganese production volume)
      • LS Cable & System : 4th in the world for cable production volume and 3rd in technological ranking