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Investment Guide

The following is informationon overall investments in the EFEZ.

We will provide a simple explanation on the difficult and
ambiguous investment programs such as investment conditions, methods and procedures.

Eligibility to Invest in EFEZ

Any foreigner, foreign firm, or international economic institution may run a business without restriction in the EFEZ. To develop a project in the EFEZ, a foreign individual, legal corporation or foundation may apply for designation as a project developer to the EFEZ authority and, upon designation, may take any measures or action needed to develop the project.

입주자격에 대한 표
  • Any individual with foreign citizenship
  • Any corporate body established under foreign laws
  • Any international economic cooperative institution
Foreign-invested firms
  • Foreign-invested firms
Operators of facilities assisting foreign investment
  • Any operator managing a facility for a better foreign investment environment —e.g. foreign school, medical institution, housing facility, incubating facility for foreign investors, etc.

Investment Method

Foreign investment may take one of the various methods under the Foreign Investment Promotion Act and the Act on Designation and Management of Free Economic Zones, including direct investment to construct a factory, implementation of project development works, investment in equity capital, or import of capital goods.

투자방식에 대한 표
Acquisition of shares or equity holding of a local company
  • Subject to the minimum investment of 100 mil won, at least 10% of shares with voting rights or total equity contribution must be owned by foreign investors
    • No exemptions will apply to the minimum investment amount requirement, but may be applied to the foreign investment ratio.
Long-term Loans
  • Any loan with a maturity of more than 5 years will be eligible, provided the lender is a foreign shareholder of the foreign-invested firm or an affiliate of the foreign shareholder with more than 50% equity share and capital amount.
Contribution to a not-for-profit
  • The not-for-profit corporate body should have independent science and technology research facilities and
Corporate body
  • Hire more than 5 full-time researchers with the relevant degrees and experience (for a college graduate, more than 3 years’ experience; for a Master’s degree holder or higher, no experience is required).

Investment Procedures

General Investment Procedures

Report Foreign Investment(Invest KOREA,(KOTRA))▶Remit investment fund(Foreign exchange bank, or hand-carry through customs)▶Register the incorporation of the company(Court registry office)▶Report incorporation and apply for business registration(District tax office)▶Transfer Paid-In Capital to corporate account(Foreign exchange bank)▶Register the company as a foreign-invested firm(First reported organization)

Foreign Investment Report

투자방식에 대한 표
Category Notification Items Remarks
Pre-Report Foreign investment by acquisition of newly issued stocks or in form of contribution, and modification of reported details  
Foreign investment by acquisition of existing stocks etc. or modification of the reported details Exception: a foreigner may report such fact or modification within 30days after such acquisition, where he/she acquires existing stocks, etc. issued by a stock-listed corporations
Foreign investment in form of long-term loans or modification of details
Post Report
  • Acquisition of stocks etc. by mergers, etc.
  • Acquisition at the time of capitalization of reserve, revaluation reserves, or other reserves of a foreign-invested company.
  • Acquisition by mergers, company division, or all-inclusive stock swap or transfer
  • Acquisition by purchase, inheritance testamentary gift, or gift from a foreign investor
  • Acquisition by investing the proceeds (dividends) from acquired stocks
  • Acquisition by using convertible bonds, exchangeable bonds, stock depositary receipts, and such other similar ones as may be converted into, available for the acceptance of, or exchanged for stocks, etc.
A foreigner may report the acquisition within 30 days after such acquisition
Transfer of shares etc. to a third party A foreigner may report such fact within 30 days after the contract is concluded
Decrease in stocks etc. A foreigner may report such fact within30 days from the period of peremptory notice to bondholder is terminated under Article 439 of the Com merical Act
Application for registration, registration of modification, or cancellation of registration of a foreign-invested company A foreigner may report such fact within 30 days from the occurrence of the case